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Basic Fit - $150 

This is our most affordable fitting and the one most commonly chosen by recreational cyclists. This fit is not available for Time Trial or Triathlon bicycles. Includes:

  • Measuring the current equipment and component positions on the bicycle.
  • Evaluation of any current or recent injury.
  • Considering a cyclist's preferred discipline.
  • A bio-mechanical evaluation.
  • Evaluating the current position.
  • Discussing needed changes.
  • Adjusting the bicycle and recording the data.
  • Allow 90 minutes for this fitting.

Winning Fit - $250 

This is our most popular fitting and is most commonly chosen by racing cyclists. It is conducted on the athlete’s own bicycle and incorporates laser technology as well as motion capture video analysis. The Winning Fit is the appropriate fit for Time Trial or Triathlon bicycles.

We conduct all the elements of the Basic Fit, and in addition we will:

  • Conduct a foot evaluation.
  • Utilize Dartfish motion capture to allow for analysis and more precise measurements.
  • Review the cycling kinematics with the athlete.
  • Coach the athlete on correcting postural or functional issues.
  • Use the Dartfish system to assess the new position’s performance improvement.
  • Allow 2 hours for this fitting.

Cleat Installation - $25

The proper placement of cleats is critical to optimizing your cycling position. The installation of cleats can be done in one hour and may include the addition of shims or wedges.

Crank Length Evaluation - $75

correct crank length is critical to maximizing your power and efficiency. Using the VariCrank with its adjustable crank arm, we can measure increases or loss of power in different positions to determine the perfect crank length for you.

Additional Fitting - $100

We offer a discount for any additional bikes to be fitted. We also provide team discounts. Contact A Winning Fit for more information about group discounts.


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