A Winning Fit
Science of a Winning Fit
Real Science - Quantifiable and Race Proven

Our fitting system is based on precise anatomical measurements of the client’s musculo-skeletal system as well as observation of the cyclist in motion. 
Using precision lasers for alignment, the bike is adjusted to fit the body instead of forcing the rider to adapt to a new position that is incorrect or too extreme.
Proper mechanics is the first step in any performance endeavor, especially cycling. You would not run a marathon in ill-fitting shoes and neither should you attempt to pedal a bicycle that is not perfectly fitted to your body. A precision fitting is always included in a CycleOne coaching package because it is the one thing that will make the most immediate and most obvious difference. There are numerous systems that claim to have the best understanding of the mechanics of bike fitting, as evidenced by the large number of fitting systems available in Portland. The problem with most of these systems is their basis on personal perception and their lack of consistency. Historically, fitting has been less a science and more an art, one that was mastered by few. Through movement analysis and muscle stimulation measurements, A Winning Fit defines the optimum position for your comfort and performance. That means fewer stress injuries, more power, and more enjoyment.

"What I noticed: The new position is way more comfortable, the back pain I had seems to have gone away. The knee pain disappeared while riding. There was no noticeable tightness in my shoulder and across the back of the neck...
The pedal strokes feel much different, stronger and more supple (less choppy) on the flats... Overall I feel like I'm using more of the muscles in my legs (front and back), while allowing the upper body to stay relaxed. It's a drastic improvement over how I was positioned previously."

Quenton Conant
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