A Winning Fit
Dartfish Motion Analysis

  The patented technology developed by Dartfish enables us to measure critical angles at various points in the pedaling stroke and study various biomechanical anomolies. This software can accurately determine joint angles and provides instant feedback to dial in the perfect position. A comprehensive bike fit that includes a dynamic assessment, using tools like Dartfish motion analysis software, can improve cycling posture and pedaling mechanics to produce more power, while enhancing comfort and safety. 

"A few months ago you fitted me on a brand new Specialized Roubaix at Sunset Cycles. Just a quick note to let you know that I rode my first 100 miles on my new bike in the recent Harvest Century and finished the ride with hardly any aches or pains. I'm convinced that the reason I was able to finish the ride so easily was due to the excellent job you did in making sure the bike was perfectly set up for me. Thanks!"
Simon Bennett


In this photo the rider has restricted ability to rotate at the hips due to being positioned too high in the saddle. The Dartfish software allows us to view the rider in slow motion while measuring the changing angles at the key joints to determine when changes made to the bike affect technique or dynamic fit. These alignment changes are not always readily apparent. When viewed by the naked eye, there is no discernible difference between the two photos. But closer inspection reveals that the Dartfish slow motion technology allows us to make minor but significant changes in the critical angles at the knee and hip.


By decreasing the saddle height and moving the saddle forward slightly, as seen in this photo, the hip and knee angles are increased at the bottom of the pedal stroke to achieve ideal angles, with 30 degrees at the knee and 90 degrees at the hip. This change increases the mechanical advantage and the power the cyclist is able to generate from an aerodynamic position. Making these changes also allows the upper body to relax more, thereby decreasing the tension and stress on the skeletal muscles of the upper back and neck, and making breathing easier. Dartfish allows for recording and storing of such key data.
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