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Introduction to Bike Fitting
Improve Your Performance

A Winning Fit provides the finest bike fitting solution available anywhere. Our aim is to provide you with better performance and a more pleasurable cycling experience.  A professional custom fitting is the most effective way to maximize your abilities on the bike while conserving energy. With all of the time and money you invest in your sport, why limit your performance with a sub-optimal cycling position?  An optimal cycling fit means that your bike is adjusted to fit your body rather than your body having to adapt to an ill-fitted bike.  Our fitting system has successfully improved the performance of hundreds of cyclists in the Portland area and corrected the injury producing bad bike fittings of so many others.  We work with all disciplines of cycling, whether recreational or competitive. You will also receive coaching suggestions on how to improve your pedaling technique and your positioning on the bike, enabling you to maximize your enjoyment and performance capability.  So when you are ready to excel, call and make an appointment for a professional custom fitting.

Group discounts are available upon request and advance payment.
By appointment only.

A Winning Fit offers a detailed analysis of your unique cycling needs and a professional fitting solution that utilizes the latest in technology to provide you with a greater awareness of every pedal stroke. This two hour process involves key anatomical measurements and also incorporates the patented Dartfish video analysis software to optimize your position and pedaling efficiency for perfect mechanics on your road, time trial, or mountain bike. This is your road to success.

The Aerodynamic Advantage

The cycling power required for any velocity can be predicted based on a mathematical equation. An important element in that equation is the drag coeffiecient, or the amount of resistance created by the frontal profile in the wind. Wind tunnel studies have proven that the most effective way to overcome aerodynamic drag is to improve the position of the rider. In general, the faster the rider, the more improvement he/she can expect from improved aerodynamics. But even a slower rider can expect significant improvements from streamlining their cycling position. The reduction in aerodynamic drag from changes in body position can improve 40k time by over 6 minutes. An excellent position on a regular bike with regular wheels will allow you to out perform a rider with a typical position on an aero bike with aero wheels by 3 to 4 minutes. A professional fitting is the most cost effective means for producing faster speed in a time trial performance.

"Thanks for fitting me in ... !  I've had several rides since the WobbleNaught fitting and I am taking the new comfort level for granted. My first ride was up Mt. Cypress in Vancouver, BC; and after a couple of hours in the saddle, I was pleasantly aware how seamlessly the hand position changes were on the bars; but the real surprise was not having that residual two-day-sit-bone-sensitivity! This takes on meaning since I have not ridden for a number of years, and I will have to go harder to really test the endurance of my butt. I encourage ANYONE to use Michael Manning's fitting as a natural way to interface the bike to the cyclist's body: it will seriously reduce the challenges of adapting to the bicycle while increasing efficiency and comfort."
Efron Davidson


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